About Us

HOT & HOLY PERMANENT BEAUTY is an aesthetics company for permanent makeup , eyelash , advanced skin treatments, hair extensions and body rituals. We also provide exclusive personalised training. Our permanent makeup services include eyebrow, lip and eyelash extensions.

You can fully rely on our internationally certified technicians to correctly assess and resolve any skin problems you may be experiencing.

Permanent eyebrow makeup such as 3d and 6d eyebrows are growing in popularity with their outstanding result of providing a permanent solution for thin eyebrows. We provide excellent results by using cutting edge digital technology that is the latest and best in the industry. The results are natural and exact match the colour of your original eyebrow hair.
Lip blush is a type of semi permanent cosmetic tattooing. It involves depositing pigments in the lips using fine needles, also known as lip tattooing. With this cosmetic procedure you will be able to enhance the natural shape of your lips and colour. The results last upto 1-2 years.

This service is even used to correct and neutralise dark lips and smoker lips. Please ensure you have prior consultation scheduled to get diagnosed and be informed of the number of sittings that will be required for the procedure.
The pain factor during this procedure is extremely low given the fact we use a highly effective aesthetic cream that numbs the lips.

We provide the most effective treatments for skin care regimes such as pigmentation, dry, and antigaining treatments. The benefits are instant skin collagen production, resulting in natural glow with reduced wrinkles and pigmentation.

At Hot and Holy, we also offer personal training through our primary work.

Our certified beauty experts have garnered expertise in internationally recognised permanent makeup, bridal makeup, hair, eyelash extensions, and skin therapies.

If interested, you can opt for one-on-one training as well.

Batch intakes are limited to 5 students only, this is to ensure that each student received sufficient personalised attention.

Our instructors are extremely thoughtful in the way they pace each lesson based on each camper’s specific learning curve. We utilise this information to make sure every student has a positive experience.